Board of Directors 

​In the past year, our members have met with and contacted numerous government representatives, both elected and appointed. We have attended Community Board meetings, Community Council meetings and meetings of other Civic Associations. We have been involved in discussions regarding crime and security, traffic, roads, zoning, sewers, building issues, and environmental concerns

Bonnie Fritz | Carmela Forte | Max Gottlieb | 

Barbara Kern  | Prasad Gudavalli |  Madhu Gudavalli |

Janice Giacalone |  Stoffers | Viktoria Beress |  

Oleg Mestechkih | Sabitha Rao

Angelo Palmeri (Treasurer 1980-2008) 

Gloria Palmeri (President 2001-2008) 

Our Officers

Together improving our community

Camille Gallo - Co-President

Sally Malfi - Co-President

Charles Stoffers – Vice President

Richard Barbiera – Treasurer

Suzanne Crimmins – Secretary